The self improvement industry is estimated to be worth $11 billion in the United States alone. This industry includes a variety of market segments from holistic institutes, infomercials, books and audio books, motivational speakers, websites, seminars, personal coaching, online education, weight loss, and stress management programs. This growing market is expected to continue to see an average of 5.5% gains each year.


Public Seminars
Live training seminars are a $400-$500 million dollar business but has slowly seen a decline in recent years due traveling costs. Webinars are now becoming more popular, lower cost, with availability anytime of day.

Program Packages
Offering self improvement services is transitioning to new formats of delivery packages such as audio, video, and over the internet. Coaching is being delivered over the phone with motivational speakers being found on teleseminars and webinars.

Book and Audio Sales
The book industry for self help is estimated to be worth $776 million with audio books being delivered to 24 million Americans with a total worth of $455 million.